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Funerals play a crucial role for those grieving the loss of a loved one. They offer a supportive environment where family and friends can express their emotions and thoughts about death, marking an essential first step in the healing journey. Funerals serve as a traditional acknowledgment of death’s finality. They are established rituals that allow the living to honor the deceased and assist survivors in starting their grieving process.

The Rhodes funeral homes will help coordinate arrangements with the cemetery.

  • Bring the following information to complete the State vital statistic requirements:
    • Birth Date
    • Birthplace
    • Father’s Name
    • Mother’s Name
    • Social Security Number
    • Veteran’s Discharge or Claim Number
    • Education
    • Marital Status
  • Contact your clergy. Decide on time and place of funeral or memorial service. This can be done at the funeral home.
  • The funeral home will assist you in determining the number of copies of the death certificates you will be needing and can order them for you.
  • Make a list of immediate family, close friends and employer or business colleagues. Notify each by phone.
  • Decide on appropriate memorial to which gifts may be made (church, hospice, library, charity or school).
  • Gather obituary information you want to include such as age, place of birth, cause of death, occupation, college degrees, memberships held, military service , outstanding work, list of survivors in immediate family. Include time and place of services. The funeral home will normally write article and submit to newspapers (newspaper will accept picture and they will be returned intact).
  • Arrange for members of family or close friends to take turns answering door or phone, keeping careful record of calls. If Social Security checks are automatic deposit, notify the bank of the death.

If you need immediate assistance, we are ready to help. If the family desires a brief period with the deceased for final goodbyes, that is completely acceptable. Your funeral director will arrive when you feel the time is appropriate.

Funerals, when compared to other significant life events such as births and weddings, are relatively less expensive. For instance, a wedding typically costs at least three times more; however, because weddings are joyful occasions, their expenses are seldom scrutinized. Running a funeral home involves around-the-clock labor and extensive facilities like viewing rooms, chapels, limousines, and hearses, all of which contribute to the overall cost of a funeral.

If you choose to have your ashes scattered, it’s crucial to communicate your desires well in advance with those responsible for carrying out the scattering ceremony. They may prefer to involve your funeral professional to help facilitate the ceremony. Funeral directors are skilled in designing meaningful and personalized ash scattering ceremonies tailored to your family’s specific wishes. These services can range from formal to informal, and can be conducted as either public or private gatherings. Additionally, it’s important to familiarize yourself with any local regulations concerning ash scattering in public places. Your funeral director can provide guidance and assistance in complying with these regulations.